Vraja Kishor's Books

Uniquely simple, yet detailed translations of essential bhakti texts

A Simple Gita

The Gita, the whole Gita, and just about nothing but the Gita
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Basic Truths of Gaudiya Philosophy

The first of six planned books translating Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī's Ṣaḍ-Sandarbha.
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To Dance in the Downpour of Devotion

Very approachable translation of Mādhurya-Kādambinī, an essential guide to Bhakti Yoga.
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Delightfully direct translations of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam

Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive

Canto One of India's most beloved Purāṇa in refreshingly straightforward yet artistic language.
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Creating the Creator

Canto Two, in which Brahmā tells the story of his own enlighenment.
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Varaha, Vidura, and Kapila

Canto Three, with the amazing adventures of the Divine Boar, the gripping emotion of Vidura, and the ancient science of Kapila.
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Other books...

Trainwrecks and Transcendance

An honest memoir of the years I spent in ISKCON temples while simultaneously doing Hardcore Punk bands like 108, Shelter, Inside Out, and Beyond.
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All classes conducted live on the internet. Schedules determined per students.

An Ocean of Nectar (Bhakti-rasāmṛta Sindhu)

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The Gītā - In Essence and Detail

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Śāstra & Bhakti
The Role of Sacred Text in Gauḍīya Bhakti

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The Definition of Reality
"You, God, & Consciousness"

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Kīrtan from Vraja and Shyama @ Ter Kadamba Mandir

Sounds from an
Ocean of Tears

"It sounds like traditional Bengali kīrtan without sounding like traditional Bengali kīrtan." Tambura, Koto, Bulbul Taraṅg, Mañjira, Mṛdāṅga, and many other instruments. Over an hour of Kīrtans.

For some idea what it sounds like, here are a few youtube videos of previous kīrtan's we've done (these are not on the CD).

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Sounds from an Ocean of Tears, by Ter Kadamba

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