An Ocean of Nectar (Bhakti-rasāmṛta Sindhu)

What is love? Pure love? Divine love? How can it be practiced, and how does that practice become perfect? Bhakti-Rasāmṛta-Sindhu, the definitive guide to the yoga of divine love, answers all these questions beautifully.

Tuition: $214
Sessions: 17
  1. Definition of love (uttama-bhakti).
  2. Six qualities & three stages of bhakti
  3. Definition of practice (sādhana) & injunctive practice (vaidhi). Qualification.
  4. Preliminary do’s and don’ts
  5. Main Practices
  6. Most important practices. Clarifications.
  7. Rāgānugā sādhana - Definition & Qualification
  8. Rāgānugā sādhana - Practices
  9. Definition of realized love (bhāva-bhakti)
  10. Definition of perfect love (prema-bhakti)
  11. Definition of ingredients of rasa
  12. Fundamental affection (sthayi-bhava)
  13. Stimulants of affection (vibhava)
  14. Expressions of affection (anubhava)
  15. Reflexive expressions (sāttvika-bhava)
  16. Feelings (sañcārī-bhava)
  17. The five rasas and their mixutres

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