Trainwrecks & Transcendence

Trainwrecks & Transcendence

A Collision of Hardcore & Hare Krishna

A memoir of my experience living in ISKCON Hare Krishna temples, while also being a member of Hardcore bands (Beyond, Inside Out, Shelter, and 108).

This is going to get ugly.

And it’ll be beautiful.

Ugliness and beauty will stand shoulder to shoulder, each one unashamed of its nudity. It has to be like that, because that’s how I lived it. It was an awful train-wreck and it was a wonderful transcendental revelation, at the same time.

I apologize in advance to those in my story who are uncomfortable being portrayed in the nude. I certainly won’t go out of my way to reveal your warts and blemishes, but ugliness is an essential part of the reality I experienced, and my story just won’t make sense if I blur out and censor the unsavory bits.

Paperback ($19)